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Editing 2: This Time it's Personal

Creative WritingPosted by Barbara Mon, May 02, 2016 12:54:58
You may remember that I posted, a few weeks ago, of my utter joy at having finished the edits for my YA novel (working title, Halloween). At last, my least favourite part of writing was over and I could move on to the task that brings me most joy - writing something brand new.

Those edits were suggested by my very good and perceptive agent, who has had some really useful insights into the novel and where it needed to improve.

Once he had this revised version, he was able to submit it to publishers in the YA genre. It's a nerve-wracking process however it's handled, but I have to say that it's easier if an agent does this for you. He handled all the painstaking submission process. He also has the authority and the contacts to push a little if things go quiet, which is something unagented authors are rarely in a position to do.

There is good news and bad news, as the old joke goes. The good news is that a very respected publisher is showing an interest.

What's the bad news? They want some more editing done before they commit. Wah!

They're right, of course, in their observations and I found myself agreeing with them as I read their feedback. It's all about that rather tricky ending, which followers of this blog may know has been a struggle all along.

This is the first time I have ever worked with an agent and I am grateful too for his very clear-sighted advice on this extra bit of revision.

So here I am again. The dreaded editing, that I thought was all done, has loomed back into my life. Things may go a little quiet for the next week or two as I grapple with the rewrites and mutter my obscenities in private.

Wish me luck and inspiration!

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