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Creative WritingPosted by Barbara Sat, October 14, 2017 20:34:41

At last! Here’s one of the best moments in the book publishing process – the cover reveal.

The process of choosing a cover has been very different with all of my novels.

For example, with the two crime novels In Too Deep and This Little Piggy, both for Legend Press, I was shown a few different designs and asked for my thoughts. Some of my opinions were taken into account, but not all. I didn’t mind: a book cover is a marketing tool and there are people in the publishing company who can do a much better job of choosing the right one than I can, in terms of making it attractive and helping it stand out on the shelves.

With the two children’s novels – The Serpent House and My Cousin Faustina – I had no input at all. I was presented with fait accomplis. So it’s just as well that I really liked these too!

With The Misper, a teen/YA novel, the process fell somewhere in the middle. I had a choice of two covers, both created by the very talented Charlotte Mouncey at Bookstyle for The Conrad Press. The covers were actually very similar in terms of the figures in the main image. The choice really came down to colours and mood.

I’m really thrilled with the look of this cover. Hope you like it too!

The Misper is published on 1st March 2018.

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